Infant/Toddler Centre- NESTLINGS JANUARY 2022

We are excited to announce our new centre!
In January 2022, we will be opening Blue Heron Montessori Nestlings, an Infant/Toddler Montessori centre located by beautiful Saxe Point park.
This centre will have 8 full time spaces for children age 12 months- 3 years, facilitated by three educators.

The name Blue Heron Nestlings is derived from the name for the infant centre in Montessori establishments, “Nido de Montessori” which translated means “nest of Montessori”. As our mother school is Blue Heron, we wanted a name that would follow our image. In the bird world, a hatchling is a newborn chick, right from the egg. A nestling is a slightly older chick, becoming more aware of its surroundings. We found this fitting for the infant toddler age group. We hope the name conveys a sense of safety and security found in the nest, and the nurturing needed by young beings before they are ready to take flight into greater independence and learning.
In Montessori philosophies, the infant toddler age is the age that blooms with realism and the senses. From newborn to age 3, a child’s brain creates more pathways for learning than any other time in their life. We create a space that is designed to excite and hone the senses, as the child begins to categorize the world around them. During this crucial time, caregivers and educators are responsible for providing gentle guidance and the love and care that deeply nurtures the whole child.
The Montessori environment is safe, calm, inviting and aesthetically pleasing space where a child can feel at peace. Invitations are designed to highlight sensory, cognitive, language, social, and cultural learning that follows a child’s natural developmental process. The child is seen as an autonomous human being, given every opportunity that is developmentally appropriate to be independent in the care of themselves and their environment.

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