The importance of the social and emotional education provided by high quality Early Childhood Education can not be underestimated. As someone involved in a higher education, I can tell you that social interaction fluency is being held up as one of the most important skills for our future society. As a parent, it is not possible for me to create the same situation provided by schools like Blue Heron. The way they attend to our children’s emotional state, and our children’s ability to advocate for and articulate their own emotional needs, as well as accommodate the needs of others is irreplaceable. It is also something that I cannot do as a parent because of the power differential my presence causes in any social situation my child is in, not to mention the ways my own emotional state can encumber my ability to provide this kind of teaching.  Even among the best schools, the emotional focus provided by Blue Heron is rare. Every child deserves this kind of education, not just daycare.” – Kristina, past parent

Our 3 year old daughter has been attending Blue Heron since Sept. 2018 and we are so incredibly grateful for the service, love, education and care our daughter has received from Blue Heron and their staff. I am very confident that our daughter, as well as her friends at Blue Heron, have gained empowerment, autonomy and an overall sense of community inclusions which will benefit them their entire lives. Their mandate of total community inclusions and student/child driven curriculum has far exceeded our expectations on what we initially thought pre-school care and childcare in general could look like.” -Pat, current parent.

Our 4-year old son started in September 2018 when they just opened their space and we have been impressed by the quality of their care, the contagious passion they pour into their work and the beautiful space they have. Our child is thriving there and we feel very supported as parents. Another aspect that is interesting is that they have supported the parents’ community by organizing some events to give the opportunity to get to know one another and support each other as families. We made new friends! We get weekly emails with updates, photos and stories highlighting specific kids and their development. It has been amazing to receive those and I have never seen that much communication between childcare and parents. It is great to know what our child is learning and the activities he does when we are not there to watch. We wish they were around the year before too…” – Maeva, past parent