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At Blue Heron Montessori we are dedicated to the child first and foremost. To keep our school safe, happy, and loving, we adhere to these three values:

RESPECT for self

This means we take care of our bodies, we speak up for ourselves and we welcome and accept our emotions.

RESPECT for others

This means we listen to those in our community, we treat our friends with kindness, and we respect all living things.

RESPECT for environment

This means we take care of our classroom, we are mindful of the Earth, and we take care of our belongings.

This is the foundation we use to guide the child in making positive choices.

What this looks like on a daily basis:

Welcoming the Child: Casa means HOME

We work to provide a loving environment where the child feels secure.

The Prepared Environment: Montessori Mornings

We offer an environment that is built for the child. The prepared environment includes materials made to spark the interest of the developing mind. We use Montessori materials which serve a direct purpose in the child’s exploration of the world.

Learning Through Play

Along with using our Montessori materials in free and exploratory way, we bring out different materials which encourage more social/dramatic play. We set out invitations to play weekly, which include loose parts to promote creativity and early math and literacy skills. We also incorporate music and movement, French, art, cooking, yoga, and gardening.

Outdoor Time

The value of outdoor play is exponential. We spend at least 2 hours per day outside, and longer periods during the warmer months. We have access to a large field as well as an age appropriate playground. The beach is within walking distance, providing a rich opportunity for learning. We are also developing a connection with the Montreal St Community Garden.


We firmly believe in the importance of sleep and a well-rested child. We provide the opportunity for all children to have one hour of quiet rest. We provide mats, books, low lighting and calming music during this time.

Family Communication

We value communication with the families in our care. We send weekly emails highlighting the learning and always address questions, comments and concerns. We use pedagogical narrations (or learning stories) to give a families a deeper look into what we do and why. We also host parent-teacher interviews twice yearly, one in October and one in June. We welcome meetings throughout the year to discuss any concern about your child.

Full Day Programming:

We are open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. We offer child care 10 months of the year, September to June. We will be trying out a summer program for the month of July 2019. We close for two weeks at Christmas and one week in mid-March. We are closed on all statutory holidays, and at least one Professional Development day per year. Exact dates are announced at the beginning of each school year.

Rate is $1250 per month.

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