We are so close!

Hello Everyone!

Well the flurry of activity that has been going on over the past few weeks is finally coming to fruition. Last week we rented a big old UHaul and drove down to Nanaimo to pick up the shelves we had custom-made by Marley’s brother, Max. We jumped for joy when we saw them, and grunted and sweated our way through the rest of the day, picking up tables and chairs, all the materials that have been in storage lockers, and 16 mats for rest time.


On Thursday we started organizing the piles of materials, and putting together the children’s furniture we ordered. Friends and family came to help and worked hard with cheery dispositions.


Friday was spent organizing all our materials, some construction on the cubby closet, and adding felt pads to the shelving units. We really could not have done everything we have accomplished so far without the community of people helping us. We can’t thank all of you enough!


Monday afternoon our classroom will be almost complete, except for our big beautiful circle carpet and some Montessori materials, which we will be picking up on Tuesday.

Words cannot express how happy and excited we are to share our space with you!!

OPEN HOUSE is August 9 @7pm, and we are still meeting individual families all week to register children for September 2018.

Thank you!

Marley and Kayla

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