Hello current and prospective families!

We are happy to share that our opening was a complete success. We have 8 wonderful families in our care, and we feel grateful everyday that this is our place of work. Having the opportunity to share and explore the world with these children is something we cherish.

Our first two months have gone very well, and although we are currently full, we are still meeting families and providing tours. We have had some updates in terms of our rezoning: the new projected date is January 2019. We do have a wait-list for this intake, and at that time we will be able to offer 8 new spaces.

As I have waded my way through the rezoning steps, I have learned so much about how the City of Victoria handles this process. I am eager to share my story after our rezoning is complete. I would like to advocate for other childcare centers in Victoria who are looking to expand or open up spaces. There are many of us out there who are seeking to meet the need for childcare, but unfortunately there are a series of very expensive and complicated hoops we must jump through. The process can be overwhelming and if I could help anyone or provide some tips I would love to do that. So if you are a childcare provider wanting any advice, please contact me!

Here are some photos that document our year so far. Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Marley

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