We are thrilled to announce that the rezoning has been approved! We are finishing the last steps in completing the paperwork for Vancouver Island Health Authority. We are officially ready to welcome new families in for March!

The support from our community has been nothing short of incredible. We feel so lucky to have such wonderful families participating in the growing process of our first year as a centre. We will forever look back and remember the special individuals who helped us establish ourselves not only as a child care centre, but as young business women. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we are very grateful.

We were a little bit nervous for our time to present at the public hearing, but we spoke our truth and the Mayor and City Council heard us. We outlined the length of time we spent waiting (9 months), and how that impacted us financially (working for less than $9/hr). The council apologized for our wait, and assured us they are looking into a faster process to streamline applications such as ours, which are a direct benefit to the community and have no construction involved.

We hope that our story has helped make a small change and paved the way for other centres who are in a similar situation. Please, reach out to us if you need support, and mention our story to help push growth in the right direction!

Thank you again everyone!

We still have a few spaces left in for our March intake, but they are going fast! Please get into contact with us if you would like to book a tour.



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