Our Chicken Eggs

Over the past 3 weeks we have been incubating chicken eggs in our classroom as an extension to our bird unit. A bird has feathers, a beak, and lays eggs. It has been pretty uneventful thus far, but this evening things have changed.  I have been taking the eggs home with me on the weekends to keep a close eye on them. Today I was delightfully woken up by a quite, meek chirping. As the day has progressed two of our sweet chicks have hatched and I have had the pleasure of watching the process. The little beings work so hard to break free of there shell and are lively right from the beginning.  I wish that the children were present to witness this fun, exciting time but I have been very diligent in taking many photos and videos in which I intend to share this coming week with the children. Tomorrow I will be bringing the hatched chicks with me to school while leaving the remaining eggs at home to finish their hatching process in a safe and controlled environment. I am far too worried about their well being to transport them back to the school mid hatch. I will be spending the rest of the evening, and I am sure well into the night checking on these new chicks, after all it’s quite exciting!!!

-Miss Kayla

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