We’re Hiring! Fall 2019

We are looking for a candidate that will be in line with our values and is passionate about their work with children and families. The right candidate will also be either trained in, or interested in Montessori, and open to learning about the materials and philosophies. This position will be permanent and full-time, as we are looking for a long-term educator who we can welcome into our community. We are open to practicum students who would like to learn alongside us and evolve into a full-time paid educator. We do follow the school year, but have the option for staff to work the summer if desired.

We function with 3 educators to 16 students, providing flexibility for staff and more one-on-one opportunities. We recognize our educators as people with families and personal needs, and we work to ensure staff have excellent support in order to meet those needs for themselves. We value active community involvement and invite our educators to contribute their ideas and passions as much as possible.We follow Montessori philosophies and use Montessori materials, though we follow an updated approach that is in line with current best practice standards. We incorporate play-based learning experiences into our program to provide a dynamic and exciting environment. We utilize pedagogical narrations on a weekly basis to share the learning with our families. We also recognize our responsibility to honour the Truth and Reconciliation Act and work to incorporate indigenous curriculum into our program.

We offer excellent benefits and annual pay increases, and we look forward to sharing complete details with interested candidates.

Thank you!

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