We’re Hiring! Fall 2019

We are looking for a candidate that will be in line with our values and is passionate about their work with children and families. The right candidate will also be either trained in, or interested in Montessori, and open to learning about the materials and philosophies. This position will be permanent and full-time, as we are looking for a long-term educator who we can welcome into our community. We are open to practicum students who would like to learn alongside us and evolve into a full-time paid educator. We do follow the school year, but have the option for staff to work the summer if desired.

We function with 3 educators to 16 students, providing flexibility for staff and more one-on-one opportunities. We recognize our educators as people with families and personal needs, and we work to ensure staff have excellent support in order to meet those needs for themselves. We value active community involvement and invite our educators to contribute their ideas and passions as much as possible.We follow Montessori philosophies and use Montessori materials, though we follow an updated approach that is in line with current best practice standards. We incorporate play-based learning experiences into our program to provide a dynamic and exciting environment. We utilize pedagogical narrations on a weekly basis to share the learning with our families. We also recognize our responsibility to honour the Truth and Reconciliation Act and work to incorporate indigenous curriculum into our program.

We offer excellent benefits and annual pay increases, and we look forward to sharing complete details with interested candidates.

Thank you!

Fall Registration Open

April is the month of new beginnings and the beautiful but unpredictable spring west coast weather. April is also the month of re-registration and informing families on our wait list of the spaces available for next year. As we begin to go through the wait list, we are finding that some families have found alternative care, or have made other plans that do not require our care. If you are on our wait list and you would like to be contacted for a space, please send a follow-up email informing us you are still interested in enrolling your child. This will help us speed up the process of fall registration, and help you secure a space for your child.

I am happy to do tours for families that would like to see our centre again, and we will also be inviting potential future students to come visit us in our morning session to experience the environment.


phone: 250-667-2277

Thank you for your support!

Miss Marley and Miss Kayla


Our Chicken Eggs

Over the past 3 weeks we have been incubating chicken eggs in our classroom as an extension to our bird unit. A bird has feathers, a beak, and lays eggs. It has been pretty uneventful thus far, but this evening things have changed.  I have been taking the eggs home with me on the weekends to keep a close eye on them. Today I was delightfully woken up by a quite, meek chirping. As the day has progressed two of our sweet chicks have hatched and I have had the pleasure of watching the process. The little beings work so hard to break free of there shell and are lively right from the beginning.  I wish that the children were present to witness this fun, exciting time but I have been very diligent in taking many photos and videos in which I intend to share this coming week with the children. Tomorrow I will be bringing the hatched chicks with me to school while leaving the remaining eggs at home to finish their hatching process in a safe and controlled environment. I am far too worried about their well being to transport them back to the school mid hatch. I will be spending the rest of the evening, and I am sure well into the night checking on these new chicks, after all it’s quite exciting!!!

-Miss Kayla

Summer Program!

Hello All

We are considering running a pilot summer program for the month of July 2019. We are putting the feelers out there to see if there is interest before we confirm the program with licencing.

If you are considering sending your child to Blue Heron Montessori, but summer care is a factor in your decision, please send along your feedback. It would be much appreciated!

We will be giving first priority to our current families, and our max capacity would be 16. After allowing our current families to sign up in April, we would open up the remaining spots to the general public.

As a reminder, if you are on the wait list for September 2019 but your child is 3-5 years old now, we recommend getting in now while we have spaces available. Our wait list for September 2019 is growing longer and longer, but any families who sign up for our care during this school year will be given first priority for spaces in the Fall.

Thank you!

Miss Marley


We are thrilled to announce that the rezoning has been approved! We are finishing the last steps in completing the paperwork for Vancouver Island Health Authority. We are officially ready to welcome new families in for March!

The support from our community has been nothing short of incredible. We feel so lucky to have such wonderful families participating in the growing process of our first year as a centre. We will forever look back and remember the special individuals who helped us establish ourselves not only as a child care centre, but as young business women. Thank you for everything you have done for us, we are very grateful.

We were a little bit nervous for our time to present at the public hearing, but we spoke our truth and the Mayor and City Council heard us. We outlined the length of time we spent waiting (9 months), and how that impacted us financially (working for less than $9/hr). The council apologized for our wait, and assured us they are looking into a faster process to streamline applications such as ours, which are a direct benefit to the community and have no construction involved.

We hope that our story has helped make a small change and paved the way for other centres who are in a similar situation. Please, reach out to us if you need support, and mention our story to help push growth in the right direction!

Thank you again everyone!

We still have a few spaces left in for our March intake, but they are going fast! Please get into contact with us if you would like to book a tour.